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Wine Accessories – Wine Charm Rings and Aerator Set

Wine Charm Hoops

Wine charm hoops are one of the most decorative, simple and useful wine accessories on the market today.  You can find wine charm rings come in many different shapes, designs and colors, and they are certainly a charming way to keep track of guests wine glasses.  Guard your goblets at your next gathering with these glass grape wine charms.  The grape shape theme is a nice touch.  Being made of glass is another nice feature, and each package contains six wine charms.  It’s always best to buy two or three packages to make sure you have a wine charm for all of your guests.

Grape Glass Wine Charms

Wine Accessories Aerator

Using an aerator to improve the taste and flavor of wine continues to gain popularity right now.  Aerators are everywhere, and Vinturi is one of the more well known makers.  There are red wine aerators and white wine aerators.  This six piece wine aerator set includes a red wine aerator, tower arm, tower base, no-splash grate and sediment filter.  The curved, acrylic, two-piece tower floats the aerator and secures the wine glass while enhancing the flavor and bouquet of any red wine.

The aerator set is a great wine accessory to try.  You can use this at a wine tasting and see what your guests think about the difference in the flavor, aroma and bouquet.

Vinturi Aerator Set

Portable Wine Table

Now here’s a wine accessories gift idea that every wine lover should have.  It’s a beautifully-made, portable wine table by Tovolo.  It’s made of natural bamboo and measures 8 by 16 by 14 inches.  The end cuts securely hold stemmed glassware with plenty of room to hold your snacks.  The single leg pushes into the ground easily and provides sturdy support, and the leg can be unscrewed for flat storage and to easily carry to your next outdoor function.

The wind will not blow your wine glass over, and you can adjust the table to just the right height to fit perfectly next to your outdoor lounge chair.  This is truly the wine lovers answer to the perfect picnic.

Tovolo Wine Table


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Free Shipping on Holiday Wine Gifts!

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Here’s one of the wine gift sets available in their wine gift collection. This wine collection is called, Wines That Rock Gift Collection. The Wines That Rock Gift is perfect for the passionate wine lover who just happens to be a die-hard music fan. Wines That Rock is creating its own category in the wine industry, and they are being grouped with great tasting wines. is also launching a new assortment of wine accessories.  Out of the thousands of wine glasses and wine gadgets for wine lovers, Wine.Com has selected the top picks from their best selling wine accessories and grouped them all together in their own section of wine accessories for gifts for this holiday season. You’ll find glassware, corkscrews, wine aerators and wine chillers from great brands like Reidel, Le Creuset and Vinturi.









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Travel Bar Sets

You don’t see travel bar sets very often.  You really have to search them down, but today’s travel bar sets are very cleverly designed and make your dining experience more enjoyable.

Traveling is always easier when you can pack everything in its place.  Take this leather travel bar set.  The holidays tend to involve traveling and you really don’t want to go searching for the nearest package store when you arrive at your destination.  This travel bar set makes sure you don’t have to because you will have everything you need.  It has plenty of room for a standard wine or liquor bottle.  It comes with a stainless steel wine corkscrew, ice tongs, stirring stick, and four collapsible stainless steel cocktail glasses. Read more

DOPP Kit Leather Travel Bar Set

Here’s another travel bar set with a more sturdy case and the ability to shake and serve cocktails.  The interior is lined with velvet.  It has an insulated section that can hold two bottles.  It also comes with 2 martini glasses, a shaker, jigger, tongs, strainer, napkins and more.  Read more

Tantalizing Manhattan Traveling Bar Set

This next travel bar set is for Martini lovers.  This is a beautiful bar set.  Perfect to give as a gift, it has a very unique look and is handsomely made.  The black leatherette travel case is well padded and contains two martini glasses, two olive picks, stainless steel shaker, measuring jigger, round flask, and a flask filling funnel.  Read more

Travel Martini Set

These bar sets pull it all together in a wonderful way.  They make a fabulous gift and they help you travel in style.


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Home Wine Making

Making wine at home has not been taken very seriously in the past.  When you want a good bottle of wine, you would not choose a homemade wine over your favorite bottle of Vino.  Homemade wine use to taste like fruit juice, or in some cases, fruit juice that has gone bad.  Who wants that?Well, home wine making has really come a long way.  Good wine starter kits are readily available, and they are really pretty good.

The benefits of wine making kits is that you can easily prepare your favorite wine at home.  You can make the wine suit your preferences and taste, and wine produced at home is a lot cheaper than what you pay at your local spirits shop.  Another benefit is that home wine making can be a great hobby that can turn into a passion and possibly a profitable home business, or at the very least you can end up making great gifts for your friends and family.

Merlot is the favorite wine of red wine lovers, but the Orchard Breezin Wine Kits come in a variety of flavors including, Strawberry Riesling, Raspberry White Zinfandel, Cranberry Chianti, and Peach Chardonnay.
Wine making kits include pure grape juice to make sure you have the correct base to get your wine started.  The wine kits also contain enhancers; concentrated grape juice which is crucial to the flavor and aroma of the wine.  And most of the home wine making kits make 6 gallons of wine at a time.

Wine Making Equipment Kit with Chardonnay Ingredient Kit

This Chardonnay Wine Making Kit has it all.  Like most home wine kits it has all the ingredients; 7.5 liters pure varietal juice and juice concentrate, wine yeast, clarifier, stabilizer, oak because it’s Chardonnay, and detailed instructions.  Then it goes many steps further by providing all the equipment; 7.9 gallon plastic wide mouth fermenter with a lid, 6 gallon better bottle plastic carboy with stopper, airlock, hyhdrometer; racking tube with anti-sediment tip, 5 ft flexible tubing; bottle filler, carboy and bottle washer with a faucet adapter, easy double lever corker, 30 wine corks, starter booklet, and sanitizer.  This equipment will last for years, and can produce any flavor of wine you prefer.

Good equipment is essential, because bottling is extremely important to the success of homemade wine.  An inferior bottle could destroy the fermenting process, and it my burst under the pressure fermenting can produce.  Proper storage of your newly bottled wine is also important so the fermentation process can proceed in the proper manner.

The new generation of home wine kits can easily produce good wine.  Professional winemakers have put time and effort into making sure that these home wine kits do not disappoint and deliver a satisfying product, and that the acids, pH and sugars are all properly balanced.

So it’s the perfect time to dive right in and start bottling your own Vino home.


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Keep Your Wine Chilled From the Wine Refrigerator to the Table

Wine Refrigerator Reviews

If you think using a wine cooler or wine refrigerator is a waste of time, it’s really not.  Wines taste best when served at the right temperature.  Different wines need different temperatures, and wine coolers are the best way to keep your wines chilled just right and ready to serve.

The best thing about wine coolers these days is that they now come in all different shapes and sizes – some are designed for your tabletop, some for your kitchen counter, and others are full-fledged wine refrigerators.

Tabletop wine coolers are great for keeping wine at the right temperature while you’re serving it – say at parties or picnics.  There’s a limit to how long a tabletop wine cooler will keep your bottle ready to serve, but that’s all you really need at social gatherings.  If it’s a good bottle of wine, it probably won’t last anyway.

The larger wine refrigerators are useful for collectors who don’t have a wine cellar, and are great at keeping wine at designated temperatures.  No one wants to lose a good bottle of wine to humidity or any environmental fluctuations.

With the wide range of wine coolers and wine refrigerators come different functions.  Some wine refrigerators have separate chambers with separate temperature controls so you can store several different kinds of wine all in the same wine refrigerator.

The desires of wine lovers are all over the map, and so are your options when shopping for wine refrigerators and wine coolers.  Even the most hard to please wine connoisseur can find the right wine cooler.  Here’s just a few that I think are great.


This is the Cooper Cooler Rapid Beverage Chiller, Brushed-Silver.  It chills any beverage, not just wine, by rotating and spraying the bottle with cold water.  It can chill a bottle of wine from 77 degrees to 43 degrees in minutes.  Awesome – Just Awesome!




This is one of those great tabletop wine coolers.  It’s the Vacu Win Prestige Stainless-Steel Tabletop Wine Cooler.  It can chill your wine in five minutes and keep it chilled for 4 hours.


This is for the serious wine connoisseur.  It’s the Haier 18-bottle Dual-Zone Wine Cooler with Touch Screen Controls.  Dual chambers make it perfect for red and white wines.  This is your modern-day wine cellar.

These are just a few of the many, many great wine coolers and wine refrigerators on available today, and quiet frankly, they just keep getting better and better.


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Take the Wine Bar Home

Wine bars are very popular these days.  Corks are popping in every major city, large and small, all across the country.  Wine bars are a great new trend.  Wouldn’t it be great to have a wine bar at home?  Now you can with a wine bar that serves wine just like the professionals.

The Skybar Wine System is a new home wine accessory that chills, pours and preserves your favorite wines all in a single unit.  At the press of a button, the bottle is chilled, while vacuum technology naturally preserves your favorite wines for up to 10 days. It gives you the opportunity to savor one perfect glass of wine at a time without worrying about wasting it.

The Skybar Wine System simplifies everything about serving wine, and it is the ultimate entertainment system.  Your guests will enjoy the ability to sample wines from your selections, up to three bottles at a time, at the wines perfect serving temperature.  The system has several pre-set wine temperatures, so you don’t have to guess.  You just set it and let the Skybar do the rest.  Each glass of wine will be smoothly poured and kept at the perfect temperature every time.  No expensive cartridges, no foreign substances, and not one drop of wine will ever be wasted again.

This is the perfect wine accessory gift for the wine lover who has everything.


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