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Corkcicle Wine Chiller

Now this is a great wine accessory to keep your wine chilled this summer and all year-round. The Corkcicle Wine Chiller is a tube-shaped insert that you put in the freezer and then put in your wine bottle. It keeps your wine chilled without using an ice bucket, and it corks your wine at the same time.

Just place the Corkcicle in the freezer for at least 90 minutes. Pour a little wine out of the bottle to make room for the Corkcicle, and then position the Corkcicle in place of the bottles cork. In just twelve minutes your wine will be chilled to the perfect drinking temperature.

multicolored corkcicles

The Corkcicle Wine Chiller will not dilute your beverage, and it will not make your wine too cold, which can happen when using an ice bucket.

It’s great with white wine, and you can use it for red wine too. It can help bring your room temperature reds down to a more palatable temperature.


Don’t worry beer drinkers, they thought of you too. The one for beer drinkers is called the Cockcicle Chillsner Beer Chiller.

corkcicle chillsner beer chiller

No matter which beverage you prefer, you have to have a Corkcicle. It’s as handy as a corkscrew. It’s a great way to keep your beverages chilled in a more compact and easier way.  It’s great for any gathering where you serve wine or beer, and it’s perfect to take on the go.


Moscato Wine Reviews

Moscato Wine Brands – Muscat

Before we get to the Moscato Wine Reviews and Moscato wine brands, here’s a little background on Moscato, (moss-cah’-to) Wine.  Moscato is an Italian name for Muscat. Muscat is said to be the world’s oldest variety of grape and is widely grown for wine, raisins and table grapes.  Muscat grapes range in color from white to black and produce a Moscato wine that is characteristically defined by a sweet floral aroma.  Moscato Wines are usually sparkling wines like Asti Spumante and Champagnes, and an extensive variety of Moscato wines are produced throughout Italy.

Moscato Wine Reviews

Below are three Moscato Wine Reviews starting with a Moscato Champagne, followed by a Moscato White Wine and a Moscato Spumante.

Saracco 2010 Moscato d’Asti-Champagne and Sparkling

This Moscato wine is a Champagne and Sparkling Vintage by Two Hands from Barossa Valley, Australia.  This is a five star rated vintage Moscato wine.  It is a Pale straw Moscato with a zesty bouquet of fresh grapefruits, watermelon, banana peel, straw, limes, sherbet and fresh flowers. It has a light and lovely sweet coating with a bright acidity. It is off dry and slightly effervescent with a low 7% rate of alcohol.

Saracco Moscato Wine Reviews – Critical Acclaim

90 Points The Wine Advocate

Saint Supery 2006 Moscato – Muscat White Wine

This Moscato is a White wine by St. Supery of Napa Valley, California. It is made from the Muscat Canelli grapes; a grape which is harvested in September to maintain its delicate fruit flavors. The 2006 Muscato is wonderfully light and could be used as a great summer wine. It has delicate white peach, apricot and pear aromas blended with a slight floral finish. It is a light wine, but still full of rich flavors.  Most notable is the taste of sweet pear and apricots. This Moscato wine is perfect for an afternoon luncheon.

Bottega Petalo Moscato Spumante – Champagne & Sparkling

Bottega Petalo Moscato Spumante is a Champagne and Sparkling wine, but non-vintage by Bottega from Veneto, Italy. The Moscato Giallo Vinification uses the Italian Charmat method of fermentation.  The Charmat process ferments Moscato wine first in stainless steel and then in sealed tanks for an additional 30 days. The color is a brilliant gold with a bouquet of roses.  You will taste hints of apricot and peach, and a blend of apple and peach flavors. This is also a low alcohol content Moscato wine at 7%.  As a serving suggestion, this Moscato wine goes great with desserts such as custards, pies and ice cream. Bottega Petalo Moscato Wine Reviews – Critical Acclaim Grape Varieties 100% Moscato Giallo Moscato wines are lightly sweet sparkling wines with brilliant fruit bouquets.  Moscato wines lend a sweet effervescent to your dining experience, and can be a great bubbly companion to your sweet dishes.


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Fizz 56 Sparkling Red Brachetto

Fizz 56 Sparkling Red Brachetto Review

Have a special occasion coming up? Want something out-of-the-ordinary that’s delicious and irresistible? You may want to try Fizz 56 Sparkling Red Brachetto. It is far from ordinary.

Fizz 56 Sparkling Red Brachetto has a bright red ruby tone, and a very festival look and feel. Fizz 56 sparking red is highly aromatic with an alluring, light taste, and just a hint of soft berry notes in a tantalizing blend of raspberry, strawberry and cherry flavors.

Fizz56 is a sweet Italian red wine made from Brachetto grapes. The Brachetto grape is a naturally effervescent red grape that is native to Italy, and is rarely grown in other parts of the world.

It’s a true Italian wine, and if wine can be glamorous and exciting, Fizz 56 is certainly in line for the honor. It’s charmingly sweet and bubbly, and can be perfectly paired with a romantic evening for two, or a dessert complimentary to any occasion.

Be prepared to be the center of attraction when you pop this cork.


Give Wine to Your Valentine

Let’s start with Sofia Rosé produced by the Francis Ford Coppola Winery in California. This is a great way to give wine to your Valentine. As a wine gift you can’t miss with this shapely bottle coupled with Godiva Chocolates. It’s the perfect Valentine’s Wine Gift.Sofia Rose and Godiva Chocolate Gift Set

It has the fragrance of pomegranate, lavender, and orange peels, with the flavors of strawberries, cherries and tea leaves. It obviously goes well with sweets, but is also versatile and can be a great compliment to a variety of foods. So don’t be afraid to start the evening with Sofia Rosé and your Valentine’s Day dinner hors d’oeuvres.

Now what better day than Valentine’s Day is there to break into a bottle of the bubbly? This Valentine’s Day gift set features Gruet Brut Champagne. Gruet Brut is a crisp champagne that is perfect when you are Champagne and Godiva Trufflesin the mood for a full-bodied sparkling wine. It is also a brilliant champagne with apple and citrus flavors. And to top it off, this Valentine’s gift comes packaged with glasses and Godiva Truffles. Who wouldn’t want to receive this decadent wine gift for Valentine’s Day? This wine gift would put a smile on the face, sweet on the palette and love in the heart of anyone on Valentine’s Day, or any special celebration. This is really a no-brainer when it comes to Valentine’s gifts.

Love can be in the air and on the lips with both of these Valentine’s Day gift sets. No need to run around looking for gifts that sometimes miss the mark. Give wine to your Valentine. These two are real winners for women or men.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Wines That Rock!

Wines That Rock is a real name in the world of wine. They are  the Official Wine of Rock ‘N Roll and are produced in partnership with the Mendocino Wine Company. Their mission; to produce varietals that are world-class, great tasting, and quality products.

Some titles under the Wines That Rock  label:

  • Pink Floyd The Dark Side of the Moon Cabernet Sauvignon 2006
  • The Rolling Stones Forty Licks Merlot 2007
  • Woodstock Chardonnay 2008

Mark Beaman introduced Wines That Rock to the marketplace five years ago with this video:

Now you can find Wines That Rock on Amazon.

Wines that Rock Rock Till You Drop Mixed Pack, 5 x 750 mL

It took a long time for Amazon to be able to sell wine online, and Wines That Rock is one of only two providers at the moment.

Are These Wines Any Good?

They currently have a five star rating on Amazon and are picking up some very good reviews.

5.0 out of 5 stars Great Purchase – I recommend it!,

What a unique and great idea! If you like Rock and Roll at all, these are wonderful to have around! And they taste great.

5.0 out of 5 stars These Wines really do ROCK!

I purchased this Mixed Wine Pack for Family at Christmas. All of us are Big Music Fans ,so it was perfect.Not only were ALL the wines incredibly tasty,but the purchase has sparked a “New Holiday Tradition”.GREAT BANG for the BUCK! Can hardly wait till to see the line up for next Christmas!!!

5.0 out of 5 stars Love the bottles, Love the wine

OMG…great wine in Rock & Roll Logo Bottles….what is better than this????….everyone that sees them ….wants them…they don’t care if the wines good…but it is!!!!!…..super fast shipping to the midwest from CA…Thank you Wine That Rocks ….i will be back for more!!!!!

Wine Review

Wine produced under the label of Wines That Rock are not only inspired by Rock ‘N Rock classics, but they also deliver on taste. From provocative  names to well-crafted artwork and savory favors, the producers want you to enjoy the sight, taste, and feel of the wine – the whole experience.


Dom Perignon – You’re Worth It!

Welcome to the New Year! Have you settled into the New Year feeling yet? It’s going to be a great one, and the celebrations are certainly not over yet.

Awards show parties, weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, new job, new home – you name it! The celebrations just keep coming, so why not really kick it up a notch this year and celebrate with a very special bottle of bubbly. A superb vintage Champagne; Dom Perignon – You’re Worth it!

Dom Perignon embodies the rich aroma of honey with a hint of vanilla. It’s a tantalizing Champagne with citrus, peach, and ginger, a crisp freshness and an elegant finish.

Striking and aromatic, Dom Perignon is vintage Champagne produced by Moët & Chandon. The name Dom Perignon comes from a Benedictine monk who was a pioneer of Champagne.

Have you ever tasted Dom Perignon? Don’t feel it’s out of your league. You’re worth it, and it’s a great wine present for wine lovers.

There’s a certain prestige that surrounds Dom Perignon Champagne. Yes, it’s on the pricey side and there’s the sense that if you’re serving Dom, you must be doing pretty well. But it is certainly, by far, one of the most recognized names in the world of Champagne, and this Congratulations with Dom Perignon & Godiva Truffles – Wine Collection Gift is a limited edition. Perfect for those moments you want to remember.


Dom Perginon is the bottle you save for those super special occasions. You probably would not break out a bottle of Dom to watch TV on a Saturday night. But when the moment is right, and there will be one or two of those moments. Make sure you give yourself a bottle of Dom Perignon this year. You’re worth it.

Happy New Year!

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